Doing Trend Research? Here are some sources


This is a post for my students Business Innovation working on minor Societal impact Lab. This list are some of my go-to places for the latest trend information. Please include sources (APA style) if you use them. Message me if you have any question, or new additions you found your self. If you own a site that need to be on this list… let me know as wel see my contact details on the home page.


•Bright –

•Trendtablet –

•Trendwolves –

•Second Sight –

•Young Works –

•WeAr –

•Nelly Rodi –

•Trendsmindsets –

•Science of the Time –

•Quote the Future –

•The inpiration provider –

•Happy Spotting – – –

•The –


•Frameweb –

•CraftsCurator –

•It Fits –

•Trendslator –